Come Along to Our Organ Recitals — 24 Feruary and 17 March at 1PM

We are delighted to announce that there will be two half-hour organ recitals beginning at 1PM on 24 February and 17 March in the Chapel Royal.   The first on 24 February will be played by Rufus Frowde, Organist of The Chapel Royal.  The second recital will be played by by Carl Jackson,  the Director of Music. The programme will be announced on the day and each piece will be given a brief introduction by the organist.  There is no charge to enter the chapel.

The chapel organ was built in 1711 by Christopher Schrider and many famous composers and organists have played the organ down through the centuries including Henry Purcell and George Frideric Handel. It has been refurbished over the years and will soon be undergoing a major overhaul in April 2013.  A member of the Choral Foundation will be on hand  at the recitals to provide information about other concerts, recitals and events in the chapel.  The Choral Foundation is a registered charity which is working to raise funds to pay for the maintenance of the organ and to ensure that the musical heritage of The Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace will continue for future generations. 









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